MBC, the Montreal Bamboo Cycle is a bamboo bicycle project proposed for the temporary makerspace at the Social Forum in Montreal in 2016. We hope to then continue making bamboo bikes in a social business enterprise model.

As part of Éco2Fest, a festival of ecological design collaboration in Montreal, we wish to design and manufacture a bamboo cargo bike suitable for use in Montreal. Bamboo is a plant recyclable material that is already used for the manufacture of bicycle frames. The initial model is based on the Christiania Bike made popular in Copenhagen. The project is inspired by a need expressed by my wife who wants to have an urban tricycle at a reasonable cost that she can use to get around the neighborhood, run some errands or use to go to her work, less than 4 km from our house.

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We will be using Design Thinking as a project development methodology.

Bamboo is a plant that can fix more CO2 than trees and releases 30% more oxygen. The narrowness of its leaves facilitates the infiltration of water, its dense root system consists of rhizomes, limiting erosion and helps to restore depleted soils. It is an extremely hardy plant whose cultivation requires neither fertilizer nor chemicals.

The project is implemented by a team of collaborators, students and teachers of MakerSpace District 3 from Concordia University, students and environmental citizens. It will be coordinated by Marc-André Léger, one of the teachers responsible for the course How to Make Almost Anything in District 3 with support from Rachel Tardif, the MakerSpace coordinator.

We will provide all required materials, hand tools, electrical and digital equipment manufacturing tools (CNC, laser cutting, 3D printers) necessary for the realization of our project.